Pros and cons of intel processors

Hello guys in this article all the advantages and disadvantages of using intel processors.

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Pros and cons of intel processors

Pros of Intel processors

  1. Compatibility

One of the main advantages of the Intel processor is its compatibility and credibility.

Intel has this brand value of creating better processors overall for the computer as compared to other branches like MD because it has been there and creating processes for desktop and computers for a long time and you can find both budget friendly and high end CPU from Intel for both desktop and laptop as well which is really great.

  1. Easy to understand

Another advantage of Intel processor is that it is very easy to understand for beginners who do not have any knowledge of Intel Processor because basically there are four types of processors in the Intel that you need to remember which are i3, i5, i7, i9 and among these there are something called as generations of the processor which starts with the number and then there will be the name of the processor and if the processor does not contain any integrated graphic card then there will be F alphabet present and if the processes is overclockable then they will be k word present, so for beginners would not have much knowledge of computers and CPU it is very easy to understand the lineup of intel processors and decide which one you should pick.

  1. Integrated graphics card

Another advantage is a fact that these Intel processors have integrated graphic card like most of them have these graphic cards in built in the CPU ship and as you already know that graphic cards are important because they will render the images and videos and display them on the screen like monitor on the computer and without the graphic card you cannot use the monitor or computer in general so when it comes to the integrated graphic cards of Intel are actually much powerful than any other dedicated graphic card you can use of any brand like Nvidia, as a matter of fact the UHD 630 is a graphic card which is present in 10th generation of Intel processors is actually 100% more better than GTX 710 graphic card, so for beginners and normal users and those who want to learn video editing but don’t have the budget to purchase a dedicated graphic card then they can use the inbuilt integrated graphic card of the processor.

  1. Lower power consumption

Another advantage of intel processors especially of the laptop processors are that they consume low power and some processors consume as low as 5 Watts or 10 watts, and because these processor consume less power so they also release lesser amount of heat so if you want a processor that consume lower power then Intel can be a good bet.

And even if you have heat you still get a coolers fan for both desktop laptop which is really great option.

  1. Good for both gaming and productivity especially in latest generation

Another advantage of Intel processors are there good for both gaming and also for productivity tasks like video editing or photo editing or graphic designing etc, for example the latest generation processors of the Intel are 11th generation 12 generation and even 13th generation was released and major changes were made in this generations of the processors for example you get higher cores, more threads, more base frequency and clock speeds of the CPU, better graphic cards in the CPU, and you also get money other benefits of having a Intel Processor because as a mentioned ear you can select the Intel Processor based up on your needs like you can select the process if you are coder or if you are a gamer or if you are a video editor.

  1. Higher production capacity 

Another advantage of Intel processors is that they have more than 15 fabrication centers in the world so they also have the advantage of trading more enter process in the market and this way the demand and supply gap and make sure that the price of the processors are not to high for normal users to purchase.

These are all the advantages of using intel processors.

Cons of Intel processors.

  1. Price

One of the main disadvantages of Intel processors is that there are particular processors that you can choose depending on your need but most of the processes of Intel are quite expensive to buy as compared to more affordable options in ryzen processors so in terms of price is a big disadvantage of Intel processors.

  1. Still 10 nm

Another disadvantage is that these Intel processors, especially for the desktop, still have around 10 nanometer architecture of the CPU so even in the top CPU of the Intel they don’t have 7 nanometer size and because of this it actually consumes more energy and power and generates more heat in desktop processors.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of using intel processors.

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