Pros and cons of gaming laptops

Hello guys in this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops in detail.

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Pros and cons of gaming laptops

Pros of gaming laptops

  1. They are portable

One of the main advantages of having gaming laptop or laptop in general is that you can carry them whenever unbelievable you want and you can play game you want it respective of the place because if you purchase a gaming desktop instead then you only

have to select a particulars what or place and store all the components of the desktop like CPU, monitor keyboard mouse and UPS and you cannot change the place very easily having a gaming desktop so this a big advantage if you have a gaming laptop.

  1. You can use them for both study and gaming

Another advantage is that you can use the gaming laptop for both study purposes as a student and also use them for gaming purpose as it is meant to be and you can also do some coding and video editing because if you purchase a good gaming laptop then

most likely the laptop contains high graphic card which will give you great performance and they also have top processors of Intel or ryzen so you can definitely expect good performance from your laptop for both study and gaming purpose.

  1. They are good looking

Another advantage of having a good gaming laptop is that they are actually very good looking and you can actually customize your gaming laptop for the better, most giving laptops have light keyboard which EMIT lights and the also have unique shape amazing colors and design which will attract users and make it more good looking and unique from other laptops.

  1. High resale value and demand

Another advantage of a good gaming laptop is that they also have high resale value and they are also present in high demand in the market.

For example most of the normal laptop you purchase and if you want to resale them then you won’t get expected price but if you sell the gaming laptop and purchase some other laptop then you can definitely expect good resel value because of the fact

that the gaming laptop has high specifications like amazing graphic card great processor and good looking design so these are some features which make it and attract users to purchase the laptop even if you don’t play a lot of games in it because like video editing and animation and other productivity tasks.

These are all the advantages of using a gaming laptops.

Cons of gaming laptops

  1. Expensive

One of the main disadvantages of having a gaming laptop is the fact that they are expensive, for example in India you cannot buy a good quality gaming laptop under 80000 rupees but you can definitely build amazing PC and computer under 80000 which will give you great gaming performance and amazing day to day task so comparative to purchasing gaming laptop you can definitely have a good desktop at a cheaper price.

  1. Heating

Another disadvantage of gaming laptops is heating issue, if you purchase a gaming laptop then you obviously play at high resolution games at high settings and you must have already known that games heavily rely on the performance of your CPU and GPU and because

of this when you play heavy games at high settings and if you get high fps then it is a cost of high GPU usage and when your graphic card gets used more than it will obviously

use more power and it will also generate more heat in turn and in order to control the heat and make your CPU and CPU pull down there will be lots of fans present in the laptop which will run and this will lead to lot of noise of the laptop so overall you can expect

a lot of heating is in your gaming laptop depending upon your usage and the type of games you play and the battery life of the gaming laptops also get affected in the long run as you play more games at high resolutions and high settings so you always have to like your gaming laptop to electricity which will increase power consumption.

  1. Desktop is better than laptops

Another disadvantage of having a laptop is that when we compare it with the competitors which is the desktop build is actually much better than having a gaming laptop because you can always upgrade the components and change the parts of the desktop which

is not possible in your gaming laptop for example you can always change the processor or you can always add multiple monitors and displays to your desktop which will improve

your gaming experience and you can always change the graphic card increase or decrease the storage or increase the RAM and do a lot of cool things with your best of which is not actually possible with your gaming laptop because once you purchase a gaming laptop

it will be next impossible to upgrade things like graphic card and processor even though you can increase the RAM and storage because it is not an option in the laptop and in gaming laptops the display is the most important part because that is where you experience all the games and you will have smaller screens in laptop as compared with desktop so this is also a disadvantage of having a gaming laptop.

  1. Heavier to carry

Another disadvantage of having a gaming laptop is that they are also very difficult to carry because they are heavy bulky when we compare it with normal laptops so if you are carrying your gaming laptop to lots of different places then it is important for you to

remember that they are going to be very heavy and difficult to carry so if you are a student and you won’t do a lot of gaming like casual gamer then it is better to prefer a PC desktop or a normal laptop for your daily usage.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops.

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