Is ryzen 5 5600g good for video editing?

Hello guys in this article let us take a look at if ryzen 5 5600g is good for video editing.

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Is ryzen 5 5600g good for video editing?

To answer the question in simple words I would say that this APU is one of the best processors you can consider for video editing purposes in a budget PC build.

This is one of the best processes for video editing because of the features that it has especially that this is a 6 Core and 12 thread processor which means that each individual core can be divided into two virtual cores which can handle lots of tasks at same time simultaneously without reducing the performance of the CPU and slowing down and most importantly this processor also comes up with the graphic card which is the Vega 7 so you don’t have to purchase the graphic card if you want to do basic hd quality video editing on video editing software like filmora, Da Vinci resolve and Adobe premiere Pro.

Apart from that even the clock speed of the processor is also great, the base clock speed of the processor is 3.9 gigahertz and the maximum boost clock speed 4.4 gigahertz so this is also important matric that you need to consider if you want to purchase the processor that is good for video editing.

There is also three MB of L2 cache and 16 MB of L3 cache which are also important things to consider if you want to have a fast processor during the video editing and rendering.

This is also an overclockable processor which means that you can increase the clock speed of the processor and avoid bottlenecks in the future . This is an important thing if you do high end video editing.

The best part of this processor is that it has a default TDP of 65 Watts so it does not really heat much, you also get a stock cooler with the processor in the box so you don’t have to purchase cooler from the third party source, the maximum temperature can reached to 95 degree Celsius of the processor during heavy tasks and it is also based upon the zen3 architecture of AMD which is based on 7 nanometer structure of the processor so it is also very advanced compare it with the Intel processors which are still based on 14 nanometer in the 10th & 11th generation and 10 nm in 12th generation so in terms of power efficiency and performance in productivity tasks it is not question that ryzen processes are better than intel.

The only drawback I have found In this APU is that it has the PCI express version 3.0 so if you can work around it then it will be a wonderful processor and it has a socket size of am4 do it can also be fix the processor with any b550 motherboard which you can get under 10000 rupees from any brand like gigabyte and Asus so even the motherboard of the apu is not very expensive and you don’t have to change the motherboard if you have other ryzen processors of ryzen 5 series because most of the time the motherboard will be the same because of the same socket size of the processor.

The reason I prefer 5600g over 5600x in ryzen 5 series processors is because the inbuilt graphic card that the 5600g processor has with it which is the Vega 7 and this integrated graphic card is much more powerful than any Intel integrated graphic card that you get in 10th or 11th generation processors.

Because of all these reasons I believe that the ryzen 5600g is a wonderful processor that you can consider for both video editing, programming and any other normal day to day tasks because it has excellent clock speed at the same time it is a 6 Core and 12 threads processor, most importantly it is a overclockable processor and it also has a inbuilt graphic card which is much more powerful, most importantly it has got a lot of price drop since it was released so considering all the factors I believe this is the best processor you can consider purchasing for budget PC build.

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