Is i5 good for programming

Hello guys in this article let’s take a look at all the reasons why i5 is good for programming in detail.

I know you’re confused whether you should choose i5 Intel Processor for your computer or not, then make sure to read the article till the end because I will be helping you out in deciding whether you should choose i5 or not.

So let’s get started.

Is i5 good for programming

To answer the question briefly, I would say that i5 is definitely good for programming purpose because most of the latest generations of the i5 processors are excellent for programming because you get 6 Core and 12 threads in the processor which are get for programming tasks,

at the same time you also get high clock speed and better cache, and most of the i5 Intel processors have integrated graphic card which means that you don’t have to purchase a graphic card in order to run the computer

and because programming is a task which does not require a lot of graphic power so you can start your computer without purchasing a dedicated graphic card which is very expensive nowadays due to chip shortage so all in all, you can definitely purchase i5 processors of Intel but make sure that you purchase the

latest generation like 12th gen and also look at some important Metrics like clock speed of the processor, benchmarks of the processor and also make sure that you purchase the processor which has integrated graphic card like UHD 630 730, 750 with the processor that your purchasing in the Intel.

Why 12th gen of i5 processors are best for programming

I personally feel that 12 generation of the Intel i5 processor lineup is probably the best processors you can purchase for programming purpose for example Intel i5 12400 which is the 12th generation of intel processor is actually one of the best processors you can purchase for both video editing and also

for programming purpose because first of all you get inbuilt integrated graphic card which is Intel UHD 730 which means you don’t have to purchase the dedicated graphic card to run the computer at the same time you also get 6 cores and 12 threads in the processor which are very important for programming and normal day to day tasks like video editing, most importantly

in the 12th generation of the Intel the architecture and the structure of the processors have been changed completely and the processor has been built on 10 nanometer structure as compared to the 14 nanometer in the both 10th and 11th gen of the processor so 12th generation will

also consume less power at the same time gives higher performance, as a matter of fact, 12th generation has 40% higher performance in both single core and multi core performance compared to the 10th generation

so it is definitely worth upgrading to the 12th gen of Intel processors, and talking about the price is not a huge difference between 10 generation and 12 generation but you need to have a different motherboard because the socket type of 12 generation is different from 10th 11 generation,

I won’t get into much specifications and details of all the three generations of Intel i5, if you want you can check out all the details and comparison here.

But since you are considering purchasing a computer for programming purposes, apart from the processor there are some other things you need to keep in mind such as higher Ram, SSD storage especially nvme, and bigger monitor screen size.

You atleast need to have 8gb ram and 250gb nvme ssd storage and 24 inches of monitor screen size if you want to have good experience while coding and programming.

Now if you compare the i5 with i3 or i7 of the Intel processors then the main difference is with number of cores and threads in the processor that you get, For example even if you choose the 12 generation of the I3 processor you still get only four cores and 8 threads in the processor but if you choose the 12 generation of i5 processor then you will get 6 Core and 12 threads but most importantly you will have better architecture and better performance of the computer

because it is more advanced processor and I would not recommend you the i7 12 generation or any higher processor because only for programming and normal day to day tasks, 12th generation of Intel i5 processor is more than enough and as a matter of fact it even beats the ryzen 5600x which is one

of the top 5th generation ryzen amd processors in terms of performance and benchmarks for both video editing, programming and gaming so, to conclude the article, i5 12th generation is probably one of the best processors you can purchase for programming purpose on top of that if you have 8GB RAM and

at least 250 GB of internal storage with SSD nvme, you don’t need to upgrade your computer for at least next 6 years because your computer is completely future proof and the best part is you get 3 years warranty on the processor and at least 2 years warranty on the Ram and SSD so it is a great deal.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about intel i5 processors in the comments below and also let me know which generation processor you have in your current computer or laptop in the comments below, dont forget to share the article with your friends as well.

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