is i5 12th gen good for video editing

In this article we will be looking at if i5 12th processors are good for video editing or not.

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is i5 12th gen good for video editing

Yes, to answer your question in simple words the i5 processors are really good for video editing purpose because first of all the architecture of processor is completely changed from the previous processors because now it is built on 10 nanometer size  which is lower than 14 nm in the previous generations like 11th and 10th generation and there are something called as performance and efficiency  core which are introduced again in the 12 generation and these are divided in the processor which will enhance the performance of the processor because the performance Core will handle the more tasks and efficiency core will handle and look after the processing of lighter tasks.

On top of that depending upon the process type your choosing and whether the processor is offer describe offer mobile and laptop you will get different types of clock speed for the processor for example i5 12th generation 12400 processor which is one of the best processors for budget in my opinion has around 6 performance cores and 12 threads, the most highlighted part is that there is 18 megabytes of smart Intel cache which is very important for video editing purpose and you also get integrated graphic card with this processor which will improve your video editing process because they have excellent video encoders and decoders inbuilt in the graphic card of the CPU so you don’t have to necessary purchase a graphic card if you are a casual gamer and video editor, and when we talk about the clock speed of this i5 12400 processor, the base clocks speed is 2.4 gigahertz where as the maximum speed is 4.4 gigahertz.

There is also an overclockable unlocked processor of Intel which is i5 12600k and it is one of the best processors you can buy for video editing purpose because of the fact that it has a total of 10 cores, 6 performance and four efficiency Core, and it has a total of 16 threads, the base frequency of performance core is 3.7 gigahertz and maximum frequency is 4.9 gigahertz and this is a overclockable processor which means you can increase the clock speed of the processor.

And the best part is that you also get integrated graphic card of UHD 770 with this processor which is one of the best graphic cards you can get because this particular graphic card is actually much more fast and better compared to Nvidia graphic card in terms of performance because Intel has excellent technology for video editing purpose in this graphic card and if you are tight on budget then you can skip purchase in the graphic card and run your computer on the integrated graphic card of this processor itself and there is also stock cooler that comes along with this processor to cool down the CPU but the only thing is it is on our expensive side as compared to other i5 12gen processors.

So overall in my opinion if you are a beginner and moderate video editor then you can definitely consider purchasing the i5 12th gen processors, and you can also do 4K editing in i5 processors but for that you would need to purchase a dedicated graphic card and without it  can be difficult for you edit the videos in softwares like Adobe premiere Pro and Da vinci resolve so if you have a good CPU and amazing GPU then you can edit amazing videos of any resolution and multiple effects to your video with just i5 processors.

So please do let me know what are your thoughts about the generation processes of Intel i5 in the comments below and it no if you are purchasing it or not for your computer build and also check if the integrated graphics cards of the Intel are good for video editing or not in detail here.



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