Is a Macbook worth it?

Hello guys my name is Praneeth Kumar and in this article I will try to let you know and give you an answer regarding the popular question that most of the people have that is a macbook worth it like whether purchasing a MacBook by spending lacs of rupees is worth the money or not.

I will present both the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the macbook in detail in this article.

So let’s get started.

Is a Macbook worth it?

In my opinion, I think macbooks are worth it, let me tell you why, first of all macbooks have great build quality because they are made of aluminum and polycarbonate not cheap plastic and the also have simplistic design, apart from that they have great battery life which cannot be compared with any windows computer or laptop and most importantly they have great performance which can easily be seen in productivity task like video editing graphic designing photo editing programming machine learning

and many more because they have amazing processors especially the in house apple processor like M1 & M2 chips in macbooks, and of course macbooks are easy to carry to different places because they are also very lightweight and you don’t have to carry heavy and long wires and charging cables because they get charged quickly so because of these reasons I believe macbooks are worth it.

Of course there are a bunch of disadvantages with macbooks such as they are expensive and they are not good for gaming and they don’t have lots of a softwares, applications as compared to with the laptops so to better understand the scenario and make a better decision let’s take a look at all the strength and weaknesses of using a MacBook to better understand whether it is worth buying macbook or not.

Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the MacBook

Let’s first start with the advantages

Advantages of purchasing a MacBook

1. Strong build quality & design 

One of the main advantages of purchasing macbook is that it has a strong build quality and this is the main reason why most of the macbook last for more than 6 years and it kind of feels a great value for money in the long time because it has amazing build quality because it is made up of recyclable materials like aluminum magnesium and polycarbonate, and because of this macbooks are also very environmental friendly and most importantly they have strong build quality.

Apart from the build quality the macbooks are also very good looking and appealing to the users because they are very slim and elegant looking and they’re also very simple so overall if you compare laptops in general whether they are from windows or MacBook I prefer macbook because of amazing build quality and simple design.

2. Easy to carry 

Another important advantage of MacBook is that it is also very easy to carry as compared to windows laptops or any other company laptop because most of the macbook that you see our going to weigh between 1 kg to 2.5 kg and because of the macbooks are very slim and very lightweight and you also don’t need to carry a lot of wires so they are very portable which is the main reason why most of the students prefer purchasing macbooks if they have higher budget as compared to windows laptops because other laptops in windows have weight and bad build quality so again macbook have higher advantage in terms of portability and usability.

And because of this there is a disadvantage that macbooks get heated up & there will be many throttling issues once you start using some high end softwares.

3. Great for productivity tasks & performance 

Another advantage of using macbook is that it is great device if you want to work on any productivity tasks such as video editing photo editing graphic designing machine learning programming web development animation and many more, with the latest chips of the MacBook like M1 & M2 there has been significant increase in the performance as compared to the previous macbooks which had Intel chips and because of this amazing boost in performance macbooks are considered to be industry standard devices for productivity tasks and multitasking purpose so if you are a creator like graphic designing or animation then purchasing the macbook is a much better thing as compared to getting a windows laptop.

4. Apple ecosystem

Another advantage of macbook is that you can get into the Apple ecosystem and basically Apple ecosystem is a environment of Apple devices which you can login your Apple account in multiple Apple devices like iPhone and macbook and you can do a lot of amazing things seamlessly in all the devices for example you can easily share small and large files, documents photos videos from your phone to MacBook and you also lift your calls and talk to people on your macbook from your phone and you can do a lot more things in the Apple ecosystem.

You cannot find such amazing integration of the devices like macbook and iPhone in windows computers or any other operating system such smoothly and seamlessly and this is a big advantage for MacBook and apple products in general.

5. Great battery life 

Last but not least macbooks also have amazing battery life and they also get charge up quickly.

For example the latest MacBook Air M2 will give you 18 hours of video playback non stop on a single charge and this is a big advantage because you can simply charge your macbook early in the morning and within a hour your device will get charged which will give you enough power to last entire day and macbook also has amazing battery life in the long term and we will have no issues regarding the battery life and health in the first 5 years and of course the battery life will degrade over the period of time in all the electrical devices including MacBook but you won’t find issues in at least first three, four years as compared to a windows computer or laptop.

6. Great for security and privacy

Another main advantage of using a MacBook is that it has a different operating system called iOS which is a closed source software and because of this all the applications and softwares that you can install on your MacBook app Store are highly tested by the Apple developers before it is made public and ready to install for MacBook users because this is not the case with windows computers and laptops since windows is a open source software so if you are someone who need more security and privacy then obviously you should choose macbook and Apple device over windows.

So these are some of the main advantages of purchasing the MacBook. Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages of having one.

Disadvantages of purchasing a MacBook

1. Price 

Now the main disadvantage when it comes to macbooks is obviously the price.

For example if you are in India then you can purchase a windows laptop for as low as 20000 rupees but if you want to purchase a MacBook then you will have to spend at least 80000 rupees which is 4x the price compared to windows laptops.

This is the main reason most people prefer purchasing windows computer and laptop as compared to macbook because they have very high cost and because of high prices macbooks have become a niche product which only a small percentage of people in the society would be able to afford and purchase that device.

Apart from the expensive prices of the macbook even it is also very expensive to upgrade items of the macbook for example it is very expensive to increase the storage and RAM in macbook as compared to any windows laptop.

Let’s take a real life example, MacBook Air M1 which has with 256 GB SSD and 8GB RAM will cost you 999 dollars, and if you I that want to increase the storage of if you want to increase the RAM then you will have to spend more 200 dollars for that for example if you want 512GB SSD then you will have to spend most $200 which is around 1199 dollars so it is very costly to increase the storage or Ram.

And if you only go with 256 SSD storage due to budget constraints then you will have it for the rest of the life in the macbook because you cannot upgrade the storage in future as compared to windows laptop which gets me in the second point.

2. Difficult to increase storage

Another disadvantage of macbook is that it is also very difficult to upgrade the parts in future because they are so slim & tightly packed inside. For example you can easily upgrade the Ram and storage option in a windows laptop or windows PC but it is very difficult to do the same in macbook.

So this is also main disadvantage for you in the future and long run at the same time it also costly a lot of money to simply purchase the same macbook with higher Ram or storage option as compared to a windows laptop so overall you will have a hard time in increasing the storage of your MacBook and it will be both expensive and sometimes you will have to purchase a different MacBook because you cant upgrade the parts in your existing one.

3. Softwares & apps are limited

Another disadvantage of purchasing macbook is that it has iOS operating system which is a different operating system but if you see the market share of the iOS operating system is very less as compared to others example windows operating system has market share of more than 80% on the computers and laptops devices so obviously there are not many softwares and apps present in iOS as compared to windows, so most of the softwares are also first tested out and created for windows users and then if the demand increases they would think about creating the product for MacBooks.

4. They are not meant for gaming

Another disadvantage of MacBook are they are not good for gaming at all, you can play small games and you can play medium level games at low level FPS but if you are a serious gamer then you should probably switch to windows and you should have a higher dedicated graphic card all you

should prefer building your own custom PC because macbooks are not very good for gaming, macbooks have amazing processors and if you have any task like video editing or photo editing or graphic designing which requires strong processor and strong, fast cores then you can do those task more easily with macbook but when it comes to gaming it is more graphic intensive task and requires stronger graphic card so this is the main reason why macbook are not good for gaming because they don’t have strong graphic card in them.

Other than graphic card, the fact of the matter is that, there are not many games available for you to install and play on your macbook as compared to windows laptops simply because windows has higher market share as compared to iOS in laptops so there are more games and applications available for you to install on windows laptop as compared to MacBook because of higher demand and windows is open source software.

So after considering all the advantages and disadvantages I think macbooks are still worth it and macbooks are definitely a good option for students and professionals like video editors and graphic designer or programmers but you should avoid macbook completely if you are a gamer simply because they don’t have amazing graphic card and you cannot play all the different types of games in macbook because they are not present in that operating system as compared to windows so apart from gamers macbooks are worth it for all people as long as you can afford it.

Let me know what you think about using a MacBook in the comments below and also share the article with your friends.

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