7 reasons why desktop is better than laptop

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7 reasons why desktop is better than laptop

  1. Price 

One of the main reason why you should be choosing desktop over a laptop is obviously the fact that it is cheaper compared to laptop and you can also customize your computer depending upon your needs for example you can select any processor of Intel or AMD depending up on your need like whether you do video editing or gaming and you can also choose your own graphic card of different company like Nvidia and others and you can also choose to download windows 10 or windows level as operating system on your computer and you can also do a lot of other cool things with your computer like you can decide the storage space and Ram on your computer which is not possible.

And if you build your own PC which is the best option for desktop buyers then you can save a lot of money on your overall PC desktop as compared to purchasing a laptop because laptops are pre built and they’re very expensive.

  1. Performance 

Another benefit of choosing desktop over laptop is the performance aspect because with a desktop you get more threats and better processor in your computer as compared to laptop and you can also upgrade or don’t read your parts like GPU and increase the storage or Ram as well on your computer which will enhance the performance of the computer as compared to a laptop so even in terms of performance you get better performance in desktop when we compare it with laptop.

  1. Upgradability 

Another advantage is that you can always upgrade any parts of your computer anytime you want for example you can always upgrade your processor GPU you can change the monitor you can get more speakers and more sound you can increase the storage and install SSD drive you can also increase the RAM and these are something you can do in a desktop which are not very possible in a laptop.

  1. Easy to repair 

Another advantage of the desktop is that it is very easy to repair and change different parts. For example if you want more performance and better Ram or graphic cards then you can obviously remove your existing graphic card or Ram and install a new card, you can also replace some damaged parts like SMPS and fan of the processor.

  1. Best for gaming 

Another advantage of using the desktop overall laptop is that you can have better overall gaming performance in a desktop because as a mentioned earlier you can increase the graphic card which is very important for your gaming performance and you can install a better graphic card on your desktop which is not possible to upgrade the graphic card on your laptop and you can also install dedicated liquid coolers for your CPU and GPU and you can also get more fast and powerful processor like Intel core processors or ryzen processors so overall in terms of gaming you can have better performance and usage in desktop compared to laptop.

  1. They are hard to steal 

Another advantage of desktop over laptop is that they are also very difficult to Steal because a desktop is difficult to carry as compared to a laptop which is more portable. If you want a personal computer where you can store your files very safely and securely then you can try out a desktop over a laptop.

  1. More ports, bigger screen

Last but not least you can also get option to increase the screen size of your desktop and you can add multiple screens to your desktop especially for video editing purposes and for gaming you can install two or three displays and attached them to your desktop and you can also get a better cabinet and CPU with more ports so that you can attach more things to your computer as compared to a laptop so overall you can get more features and benefits of using a desktop compare it with a laptop.

These are some main reasons why I believe having a desktop is a much better option compared to having a laptop.

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