7 Disadvantages of purchasing a MacBook

In this article let’s take a look at all the major disadvantages of purchasing a MacBook. Make sure to read the article till the end and also share the article with your friends so let’s get started.

7 Disadvantages of purchasing a MacBook

1. Price

One of the main disadvantages of purchasing a MacBook is that it is very expensive so much so that you can purchase at least two windows laptops of could quality as compared to purchasing a MacBook Air, for example, the MacBook Air starts at 999 dollars and if you want to go for MacBook Pro version then you will have to spend more 1000 bucks which is very expensive as compared to the competition like windows laptops and PC so the price is a big disadvantage and it is also a big thing most of the people prefer other laptops because not being able to afford the MacBook cost.

2. Limited software

Another disadvantage of the MacBook is that it has an Apple operating system called macOS which is closed-source software and it is very different from the windows operating system it is the largest operating system in the laptops market and because of this there are several application sense software that is not present on MacBook at all because of different operating system and after the introduction of Apple silicon like M1, M2, it is also that you cannot run windows on your MacBook because it does not support that operating system using a boot camp because earlier even if you had a MacBook you could install windows on it which had Intel processor in the MacBook but now it is not possible to install windows on your MacBook so that you can use software which is not present on MacBook so this is also a big disadvantage.

3. Poor gaming

Another big disadvantage of having a MacBook is that it is very bad for giving purposes so if you are a serious gamer then you should completely avoid purchasing the MacBook because first of all there are very limited games available for you to install and play on MacBook and because of lower GPU you cannot play games at high resolution and high frame rate, actually macbooks are more oriented for office and professional work and productivity tasks, you are not supposed to purchase a MacBook if you want to play games on a higher level.

4. Difficult to upgrade parts

Another disadvantage of purchasing a MacBook is that you cannot upgrade things like Ram and storage in your MacBook in the future for example if you have purchased a 256 GB MacBook Air M1 and you want to increase the storage in the future like after a couple of years then it will be very difficult for you to do that because you cannot upgrade the parts in the MacBook Air so you either have to purchase an external SSD or you have to purchase a new MacBook.

And if you want to purchase a MacBook with higher storage and higher Ram then you will have to pay at least $200 more which is a very significant price increase which makes purchasing macbook more costly so it is very expensive to purchase a MacBook with high storage. Once you purchase a MacBook you cannot increase the storage in future.

The processor memory and storage are all integrated into a single circuit board so it is very difficult to upgrade these things in the future in your laptop as compared to a windows laptop where it is quite easy to increase the RAM and storage in the future.

5. Lack of ports

Another disadvantage of purchasing a MacBook compared to a windows laptop is that there are limited ports and Apple has always been trying to reduce the ports in the devices whether it is removing the headphone jack in the smartphone or removing the ports like a laptop, although, in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, you can find to USB supports which will help you get the job done as compared to a windows laptop or PC you will find less number of ports in macbook which is a big disadvantage.

6. Bad webcam quality

Another disadvantage of purchasing a MacBook is that the webcam is also of bad quality and a big thing because you are spending so much money on the laptop, you would at least expect a good quality camera that will help you attend meetings easily on zoom calls especially during work from home time for professionals, but most of the MacBook only has 720p resolution camera which gives you the average quality of the video.

7. It also has a heating issue

Another disadvantage of having a MacBook for example MacBook Air is that there is always a heating issue if you are doing some high and video editing on software like Adobe premiere Pro, for example, MacBook Air M1 does not have a dedicated fan in the laptop and it is so thin and slim to use, and because of no fan in the laptop it can easily get hot quickly so you will have to be careful with your MacBook because there is a lot of heating and throttling issue in them.
These are some of the major disadvantages of using a MacBook compared to a windows laptop.
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